Letting Go Chapter 1 Naruto Fanfiction

Letting Go Chapter 1 Naruto Fanfiction

Eighteen-year-old Hinata panted as sweat dripped down her forehead. She had been training for 2 hours straight. She pulled out a kunai and shot it towards a tree in front of her. Smiling a bit, she saw the kunai immediately going through the tree trunk, piercing through 4 other trees before it stopped. Hinata sighed and relaxed her chakra. She picked up all her weapons and looked at the damage she had caused. The ground had multiple craters in it, trees around her were broken and torn down, and rocks were everywhere. She has been dating Naruto for a year now.

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When Himawari and Boruto are born he wears the apron to make their favorites just to see them smile. His favorite little taste testers. I hope you enjoy it!

But as they began dating, he could see more and more of her breaking. Fingering · First Time Blow Jobs · Cowgirl Position · Cross-Posted on FanFiction. it the wrong way, his words could turn offensive. naruto thanked hinata for that one.

Being with Hinata was still so new. After realising his love for her, Naruto was very rarely not by her side. He relished it, she relished it. They were both incredibly happy. He knew her birthday and other important details. What he loved discovering was the little things. The way the tip of her tongue stuck out when she was concentrating on a single task.

The way tucked hair behind her ear when she looked down. The way she took genuine care to step on dried leaves strewn on the ground.

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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. But its doing fine in Kishimoto’s hand if recent chapters are any indication. Omg I know its late but did you guys see the way Naruto just held Hinata’s hand to his face like he’s revelling in the feeling in episode i think. Like he wanted to just hold it there. Oh my god my inner fangirl is like having a freaking heart-attack just thinking about it.

“A gift for Hinata huh? Are you guys dating?” “Not yet Sasuke, I plan on it although.” Naruto was excited about what would happen. “Alright then.

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It is based on Masashi Kishimoto ‘s manga and anime Naruto , and is the first film to be a part of the canonical Naruto storyline. Set before the finale of Naruto , the film focuses on Naruto Uzumaki ‘s ninja team as they go on a mission to stop the moon from falling, and rescue Hanabi Hyuga — Hinata Hyuga ‘s sister — from Toneri Otsutsuki , a man who wishes to marry Hinata and punish mankind for weaponising chakra. Naruto and Hinata develop a romantic relationship during their adventure.

The film premiered on 6 December Kishimoto created new designs for the characters, since they are now young adults rather than teenagers as depicted in Naruto: Shippuden.

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Naruto dating gameHinata animemangalover Loading Unsubscribe from animemangalover99? Hinata, freust du dich schon auf euren Kampf? Hinata schrickt auf, total berrascht, dass Naruto sie anspricht, und errtet sofort. Notice how Naruto never really voiced his doubts aloud to anyone at that point in the story. Noticed how Naruto was able to trust Hinata enough to express his insecurities. I think that’s when Naruto started to like Hinata. Dressing melania trump fanfiction dating naruto for the inauguration ceremony which is going to be similar to them physically.

Spiritual level naruto hinata dating fanfiction.

Naruhina: An Unexpected Reunion

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Somewhat canon, NaruHina forever. Rated: Fiction T – English – Humor/Romance – Hinata H., Naruto U. – Chapters: 8 – Words: 8, – Reviews.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Naruhina – Bonds. These are some of the stories that best show the special connection between Hinata and Naruto. Sometimes angsty, sometimes painful but always Naruhina in the end. Easier For Me by tenneyshoes reviews When her husband lost his memories, he asked how she could handle things so easily. She answered that it was simply easier for her.

Now that their situations have been reversed, how will Hinata handle waking up with no memory of how she got there? For BentShurikan. Nightmares by eepps96 reviews Lately Naruto has been getting a lot of nightmares, and Hinata doesn’t know how to fix it. Frogs by eepps96 reviews Hinata always trained more when Naruto was gone, but for some reason she just couldn’t take a lunch break in peace. Read along as they live their lives together in their new home, and find out more and more about each other.

One Shot. Whiskers by Alabaster Ink reviews Mama didn’t have whiskers and Himawari was determined to find out where they went.

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There are many! And if anyone has additions, please let us know! Seventy-two of you wonderful people voted in the polls, and here are your winners! I just want to express how happy I am to see all this support! I asked and you guys stepped up to bat in a big way.

naruhina naruhina fanfic naruhina fanfiction · notes Mar Dating? What a vague concept by Sasusaku and Naruhina forever – M, 12 Chapters, Complete A morning with Naruto and Hinata and their small child Boruto.

Stub : This article is a stub. Please help us out by adding more content. When Hinata was introduced, she was shown to have feelings for Naruto, and was often the only one cheering for his success. Meanwhile Naruto pursued a one-sided crush on his fellow teammate Haruno Sakura , who denied his advances due to her interest in teammate Uchiha Sasuke. Their relationship progressed during the events of the Fourth Shinobi World War. On the mission to save Hanabi and Earth from destruction, Naruto confessed his love to Hinata inside the Moon.

They shared their first kiss after the completion of the mission.

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You could see in his crystal cerulean eyes he was desperate. I won’t ever go on a date with you! You won’t ever be Sasuke! Leave me alone already, baka! His eyes flashed with hurt. Villagers’ heads turned at them, surprised by Sakura’s loud refusal.

Naruto Meets Hinata, Shino, and Kiba After 2 Years. Show less Show more. Transcript. Up next. Autoplay. When autoplay is enabled.

Sakura had insisted Naruto had to get better clothes for his date with Hinata. He didn’t get why Sakura was making such a big deal out of this. After all it was just a date, but it was his and Hinata’s first date. Sakura sighed as they neared their destination. People walked passed the duo without a care. Birds flew above in a peaceful way. Naruto had locked himself in a dressing room because he was a child. Naruto reluctantly unlocked the door and stepped out.

He was wearing a navy sweater and dark grey pants. Naruto did a quick spin and stood awkwardly in the doorway of the changing room. Sakura stood speechless as she checked Naruto out. Minutes flew by before Naruto tapped Sakura on the shoulder. A sigh escaped out of a pair of lips.

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Author’s note: This is my first fanfiction so I would love constructive criticism. I know I probably have a lot to improve on but I hope you enjoy anyway. I am basing Naruto being a romantic on when he accurately portrays Sakura’s fantasy with Sasuke in one of the very first episodes.

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Each drabble will be posted in parts, and each drabble with take place in the same universe. So the entire collection of drabbles is called Uzumaki Adventures. The first drabble in the collection is called Dating and is about Naruto and Hinata’s adorable first date. Part 1 of the first drabble takes place at and is called Meeting Her. It had been a couple weeks since Naruto and his team mates had returned from the ‘moon mission’ and now it was time for his first official date with Hinata.

He hadn’t been able to see her much after because as soon as they had returned he’d been almost immediately deployed on another mission. They’d managed to have a couple conversations but so far they’d had no quality time together. Tonight would be the first. Naruto worried his bottom lip as he paced the floor in his modest apartment. He was clueless as to how to date and had to ask Sakura and Ino for numerous ideas and tips in order to set up his first date with Hinata.

He ran a tanned hand through his blonde hair and checked the time. He didn’t want to be to early but he definitely didn’t want to be late.

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Was Hinata even his girlfriend? Could she be his girlfriend if they hadn’t even gone on a single proper date yet? (This, of course, he was about to.

Hello everyone reading this! This is my first story I have created, and i promise to stick through this until the end! Thank you for reading this as well, I appreciate this! Also, I decided to fix this chapter, I wrote this at 3 a. Anyways, Enjoy! The war was finally over. Reconstruction began immediately. The shinobi from their native countries went home, and some were emotionally scared because of the losses of their comrades. Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha were pronounced heroes, even though Sasuke had to serve jail time due to his felonies prior to his arrival to the battlefield.

When NAruto came home, he felt a bit empty.

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